“The Angling Trust – what have they ever done for me?”

One of the frustrating things about running the Angling Trust is that we often do really important work to protect fish and fishing and the vast majority of anglers are completely unaware of what we have been doing on their behalf. Often it is just not newsworthy enough to get any attention from the angling press and even if it does, there are hundreds of thousands of anglers who never buy an angling publication. So, this week I’m going to share some briefings that we have done jointly with other organisation to try and get some last minute improvements to the Water Bill, which we think has so far failed to include enough measures to address the many problems facing our water environment.

Anyone who fishes on rivers could benefit from this work over the coming decades as we believe that we’ve had real influence that we hope will lead directly to changes that will improve flows and water quality which are vital to fish stocks. Low flows and pollution mean that fish have less food and are less likely to breed and create fish stocks of the future. This work isn’t sexy, but it is vitally important for the future of fishing.

The Angling Trust has worked closely with the RSPB, WWF and the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management to put together a series of briefings to MPs and the committees scrutinising the Bill as it passes through the Houses of Parliament. The fact that we are working alongside these organisations is a sign that the Angling Trust is recognised as a serious and respected organisation that has genuine political influence. We have far fewer members than the RSPB and WWF, but we represent a powerful political constituency, and our membership is gradually growing in all categories.

Specific briefings were submitted, with various partners, on amendments concerning:
1. Fracking
2. Abstraction Reform
3. Metering
4. A sustainable development duty for OFWAT
5. Upstream competition safeguards

Please click on the links above to download the relevant briefing as a small pdf document to see what we have been doing on your behalf.

We can only do this with the support of a (slowly) growing number of anglers who pay us subscriptions and make donations to support our work.

As an angler in England, we hope you feel compelled to join us and lend your voice and support –  visit www.anglingtrust.net or call us during office hours on 01568 620447. We now have a direct debit option that will only cost you £2.50  month, please take advantage of this easy way to pay and spread the cost over a whole year. Thank you.