Your Help Needed! Wales Omits Fishing From Outdoor Activity Survey

All too often we find that angling is overlooked by government officials when they are making decisions that affect our future. Something like this has just been brought to my attention that I need your help with urgently if you’ve ever fished in Wales (and please forward this to anyone you know who has). All you have to do is complete a 5 minute online questionnaire before the 20th of September to remind the Welsh Assembly Government that angling is one of the most popular outdoor pursuits.

We have recently been alerted to a survey of outdoor activity in Wales that is being carried out by the Welsh Assembly Government which does not include angling as one of the activities. It is very important that the Government is made aware of the importance of fishing to the local economy at the moment, particularly as it is currently considering bringing in new legislation to introduce universal access for canoes to all rivers in Wales.

If you, or anyone you know, has fished in Wales in the past year, please complete the survey and enter “Angling” in the “Other” box at the bottom of the list of possible activities and then describe how much you have spent on recent fishing trips.

It really does take only 5 minutes and you don’t have to give your name or e-mail address if you don’t want to (but you can win a voucher of £100 for outdoor activities or goods if you do).

It is ridiculous that angling has been excluded from this survey. Government agencies need to wake up the fact that angling is practised by 3 million voters, generates £3.5 billion for the UK economy and employs 37,000 people. Anglers are expert at concealing themselves when they are fishing to avoid scaring the fish, but we must stand up and be counted to ensure that our interests are respected by policy-makers and politicians.

Wales Outdoor Activity Tourism Visitor Survey

The link to the survey for individual anglers is here:

Wales Outdoor Activity Tourism Business Survey

If you run a club selling day tickets, or a fishery, please click here:,0,0,0,0

Thank you for your help.


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