What has the Angling Trust ever done for us?

A lot of anglers ask me what the Angling Trust and Fish Legal do that will benefit them.  We spent an hour in the office compiling a list of our aims, and some of the things we’ve achieved recently for the benefit of everyone who picks up a rod.  Please read this list, and if you’re not a member, join us today for just £25 so that we can add to this list.  If you’re already a member, please send a link to this page to every angler you know and let them know that they should support what we do as well.


Angling Trust & Fish Legal: Fighting for Fish and Fishing

•             Improving and protecting fish stocks

•             Providing a strong and unified voice for angling

•             Promoting the benefits of angling for all

•             Standing up for the environment

•             Making polluters pay

•             Supporting excellence in angling


What have we achieved?

•             Won an injunction to stop a major hydropower scheme on the River Trent that was licensed to kill over 100 fish a day.

•             Won a judicial review of the government’s river basin management plans in 2011 and secured £100m of new funding for improving rivers.

•             Won significant new government funding to get more people fishing.

•             Consulted 30,000 anglers and 780 organisations in bringing forward the first ever National Angling Strategy.

•             Reduced poaching by educating Eastern European anglers about how to fish legally.

•             Recruited 100 volunteer bailiffs in a pilot scheme that will be rolled out nationally.

•             Won review by DEFRA of cormorant licensing and the bass minimum landing size.

•             Secured support from the Environment Minister for keeping canoeing restricted to rivers with a public right of navigation and stretches with voluntary access agreements.

•             Fought off accusations by the MMO that recreational sea anglers sell their catch.

•             Managed and delivered over 200 major competitions and supported our England teams to win 6 gold, 5 silver and 10 bronze medals at world championships and home internationals in 2012.

•             Beat off angling bans and restrictions and fought against the sell-off of CEMEX lakes and other waters to non-angling interests.

•             Trained 1,300 coaches and helped introduce approximately 100,000 people to angling in the past four years.

•             Set up 35 County Angling Action Groups to organise projects to get more people fishing more often.

•             Helped 91 clubs get Clubmark accreditation to help them get funding for angling participation work.

•             Secured a ban of the sale of invasive plants such as floating pennywort.

•             Provided free legal advice to 220 Fish Legal member clubs and fisheries in the last twelve months and continued to fight 50 separate legal cases.

•             Introduced new benefits and discounts for members.

•             Represented anglers on about 25 different working groups and stakeholder forums at national and international level.


Please help us do more of this and join today at www.anglingtrust.net



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